Brazil offers endless forms of beauty, with its beautiful lands and gorgeous people. Travel to a sexy destination on a Mahogany Adventure. Explore Brazil’s captivating culture and gorgeous lands. Discover Brazil on a whether you crave to explore Brazil’s first capital Salvador do Bahia or its world famous Rio De Janiero.

Travel to the oldest city of Brazil Salvador do Bahia, known for its unique fusion of African and Portuguese cultures. Salvador is also known as the center of Afro- Brazilian culture .The colonial city of Salvador introduces breath taking architecture, electrifying music, and tantalizing cuisine.   

A city of celebrations, Rio De Janiero reveals Carnival, known for its samba and revealing costumes. This enchanting city introduces sunny beaches, exotic fruits and vegetables and historic architecture, such as statue of Jesus Christ.  Explore Rio’s natural beauty on a Mahogany Adventure.

With Mahogany Vacations, escape to Brazil’s magnificent regions on an extraordinary Mahogany Adventure.


Discover Argentina’s flavor during an amazing Mahogany Adventure to Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires, known as, “The Paris of South America,” is recognized as one of the most European cites in Latin America. However, as the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires also contains a unique Latin American feel.

Dance to the Argentina’s Infectious tango, which originated in Buenos Aires. The Tango houses in Argentina enchant and amaze their guests in professional and amateur competition throughout the year.

Taste Argentina’s finest wine in the country’s famous wine region. Mahogany Vacations will provide an exclusive wine tasting experience. This Adventure will be a blend of fun and excitement with a Mahogany twist.

No matter the destination of your Mahogany Vacation, you can guarantee that Mahogany will over achieve all your vacation needs.