Kenya and Tanzania

Mahogany Vacations introduces Kenya with its stunning lands, amazing wildlife, unique settings. Allow Mahogany Vacations to create a fun and exciting adventure simply for you.  Whether, you desire relaxing on the gorgeous sunny beaches or take on a wild safari.

Kenya is a region of distinctive traditions, proud people, and lively colors.  Kenya represents a variety of cultures, which produce a vibrant nation.

Most countries of the mother land are known for safaris and Kenya is no exception. Explore the Masai Mara Reserve to enjoy the unique wildlife. It’s famous for its loveable giraffes and helpful tour guides, it’s only a matter of before you are amazed by this extraordinary environment.

Swim with the unique clownfish in Malindi Marine Park, or just snorkel underwater to capture the coral gardens. The gorgeous white sandy beaches of Kenya can lead to an unforgettable ocean retreat. Imagine sinking your feet into satin soft sands and just relaxing.

Let Mahogany Vacations plan your Kenyan getaway. We got an exciting Adventure ahead. Wake up in the motherland, surrounded by beauty and warm hearts.

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Mahogany Vacations offers the ultimate African American group vacation to Tanzania. Designed exclusively for the Mahogany Vacations traveler, Mahogany provides unique and fun vacations throughout Africa. Whether you desire an ultimate gateway or just a trip to indulge in relaxation. Mahogany takes you to the motherland and guarantees a trip of a lifetime. The perfect way to unveil Tanzania’s true beauty.

Undoubtedly one of the most incredible destinations in Africa, the Serengeti has distinct features and rare wildlife. Known for yearly migration, the Serengeti is the innovative experience for newcomer to Tanzania. Tanzania introduces enchanting gardens such as the Ngorongoro Crater, which is known as the Garden of Eden. Uncover the amazing greenery of the caldera and join in a Mahogany Vacations Tanzania safari.

Tanzania offers naturally breathtaking wildlife parks. The Selous, Africa largest game reserve, is a wild and distant region. Enjoy the Mahale Mountains National Park, home to a large population of chimpanzee. One of Tanzania’s best kept secret is Ruaha, notorious for an abundance of rare wildlife.

The Mahogany Vacations Adventure in Tanzania is customized to provide the ultimate African American group travel experience.

Pack your bags and get your passports ready.

Get ready for a Mahogany Adventure.