Travel to a country known for its flavorful culture and breathtaking regions during a Mahogany Vacations Adventure.  Discover Morocco’s 10,000 year old history created by Muslims, Romans, Berbers, and other nations. Tour Morocco’s beautiful cities such as Rabat, Casa Blanca, Tangier, and Fez.

Mahogany Vacation’s combines Morocco’s distinctive culture with the ultimate African American travel group Adventure.   Experience Mahogany Vacations exclusive Moroccan Adventure, indulge in flavorful dishes or a exciting camel ride.  Traveling is made simple and fun with Mahogany Vacations, Whether, you desire days in the Sahara or stay in Morocco’s most exclusive cities.

With a Mahogany Vacations Moroccan Adventure, understand the the unique history, discover the detailed structures, enjoy the crystal clear beaches or just unwind.  Unveil the ancient city, which has so many hidden treasures.


Travel to Spain, a country of friendly faces and excitement, from the mountains of Seville to the timeless architecture in Barcelona. Spain delivers the good life to its visitors. Indulge in Delicious dishes, robust wines, fun filled nights and gorgeous days on an incredible Mahogany Vacations Adventure.

Step inside your next Mahogany Adventure in Madrid, Spain the city that never sleeps surrounded by endless beauty. Discover Madrid the city of excitement, a city known for its vibrant night life, posh shopping and exclusive restaurants. Dinner can easily be transformed into an unplanned party, overflowing with drinks and music. Rest assure Mahogany Vacations will  create extraordinary getaway.

Explore the historic streets of Spain and enjoy the lively city. You can see the stunningly beautiful cathedrals and historical buildings. Regardless of your reason why you decide to visit Spain, you will be overwhelmed with be  beautiful people and endless activities.  Mahogany Vacations will take you on a fantastic journey in Spain and create a wonderful memories.

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