MAHOGANY VACATIONS, now stands as a complete independent tour company specializing in bringing African-American travelers together on fantastic global excursions.  Born from a genuine love of traveling with friends, MAHOGANY VACATIONS revels in the group travel experience. MAHOGANY VACATIONS takes the guesswork out of traveling by scouting the locations, searching for the right hotels, finding the best flights, coordinating the guided tours, adding in the meals and other fun events and then wrapping it all up into one amazingly priced travel package. All you, the traveler needs to do is pack and bring your passport along. You are now ready to join our family of travelers as we embark on amazing adventures to exciting places across the globe.  MAHOGANY VACATIONS helps to brings the world a little closer to you.

Participating on a MAHOGANY VACATIONS  adventure is like traveling with an extended family. Don’t be surprised if this journey is the beginning of many new friendships in your life. At MAHOGANY VACATIONS, we don’t just provide travel, we provide an experience that will create memories that last a lifetime. Our Global destinations include: ASIA – Thailand, Singapore and China. EUROPE – France, Spain, Italy and Greece. AFRICA – Morocco, Ghana, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa and our newest destination DUBAI.

Welcome to your next Adventure.

MAHOGANY VACATIONS, specialists in African-American group travel, present great vacations to great destinations at great prices. We provide the complete vacation experience, while you provide the passport.