Mahogany Vacations South African Adventure

Explore South Africa

Join Mahogany Vacations and discover the motherland.  A nation known for its regal lands and charismatic people. Whether you are looking for a wild adventure, glimpsing the sparkling seas or just an amazing experience, South Africa is the destination for you. Enjoy the distinctive climate and vast regions, from Cape Town’s beauty, Botswana’s safaris, Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, and the South Africa’s economic heart Johannesburg’s.

Explore Cape Town Southern Africa’s most beautiful, most romantic and most visited city. From the array, illuminating white sand beaches found across the shoreline.  Cape Town’s rich colonial history has granted the city with distinctive Dutch style architecture. You can voyage into the imperial mountains, indulge in the South Africa’s finest wines. For a unique experience, head down to the vineyards to taste the array of South African exclusive wines. And of course Robin’s Island museum in Victoria & Albert Waterfront, followed by a ferry trip and tour of the island itself, where you get to see Nelson Mandela’s old cell.

Discover the great plains of South Africa wildlife of the country, witness these creatures in their element. Rhinos, zebras, giraffes and the largest population of elephants in the world await you. From Chobe’s National Park in Botswana, perfect for an amazing safari, to Zimbabwe’s breathtaking Victoria Falls, South Africa provides you the ultimate opportunity to interact with the mother land’s wildlife and natural resources.

Discover the rich history of South Africa with beautiful building structures, cultural experiences and captivating people. 

Enjoy the South African lifestyle with Mahogany Vacations.